We believe in making a conscious effort to live within our means. We have all heard the wisdom that money does not make us happy and while it is true that money alone will not increase our life satisfaction, the stress that comes with feeling we do not have “enough” can make us unhappy. Therefore we believe in establishing a lifestyle that can be comfortably supported by our income and assets. As our income and net-worth increase, our standard of living is likely to increase as well, but we should be careful not to increase it to the point where we are just as stressed about maintaining the status quo as before. Instead, it may be wise to use some of the additional income and wealth as a cushion to reduce stress, manage uncertainty, and allow us to better focus on the aspects of life that matter most to us.

We believe in finding a comfortable balance between planning for tomorrow and living for today. Although we believe in living within our means, our goal is not to simply accumulate assets and be the richest person in the graveyard. It makes no sense to be financially successful, but personally bankrupt. Our goal is to live the fullest life possible and to use our financial assets to enable true freedom. Accomplishing this requires a delicate balance between saving for the future and spending money on experiences and opportunities that make our lives more enjoyable everyday. Exploring what’s important to us and envisioning what we want our lives to look like makes it easier to figure out the best way to structure our financial life.

We believe creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are our best resources. Taking risks with our human capital to pursue aspects of life we are passionate and curious about will not only allow us to enjoy life more but also provide the best opportunity for financial gain. When our efforts (or good fortune) provide us with a financial windfall, the proceeds should be invested prudently and for the long-term to afford us even more freedom and the ability to focus our energy on what is uniquely important to us.

At Laminar Wealth our beliefs and values guide everything we do. The beginning of every client relationship starts with a deep exploration to discover who you are and why you have come. We then guide you through an eye-opening goal-setting process designed to uncover what is most important to you and what your financial plan needs to be centered around. From there we work with you to identify and overcome any obstacles. Along the way, we will use traditional financial planning tools combined with our knowledge and expertise around investing, cash flow, risk management, and legacy planning to design a plan that aligns your money with your life.

Our ideal client is not defined by profession, geography, or age, but rather a shared philosophy around life and money. We’re proud to be working with clients around the country who share this mindset and are seeking thoughtful planning and sensible investment strategies to deliver them into a life of freedom with more money in their pockets.