About a month ago the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) held a retirement planning symposium in New York City. I was honored when they asked me to participate as one of the four CPA Financial Planners. The focus of our discussion was centered on the current challenges clients and their planners are facing as they contemplate retirement. The conversations were recorded and then broken into 10-minute clips and posted online. Over the coming weeks, I will share many of these videos with you as I think you will find them to be interesting and relevant.

This week’s video is about envisioning and defining retirement. One of the main issues I spoke about was how my role as a financial planner is more than just retirement planning. While retirement may be a tactic, there is usually a more profound life goal that should be the center of the financial plan. So instead of asking what age you want to retire at, a better question may be, “How do you envision life in your 60s, 70, and 80s?” For younger clients, it is about making decisions on how to structure your lives now so you do not have to wait until traditional retirement age to start living the life you truly want. The video clip is about nine minutes long and filled with great perspectives from the entire panel, however, if you want to skip to my thoughts it starts at 3:15. Enjoy!

Posted: July 2015